Equal Treatment is a registered Pennsylvania non-profit committed to the promotion of racial justice in academic medicine. 


  • Create high-quality, evidenced-based educational resources for healthcare providers and students to increase awareness on issues that negatively impact the health of people of color. 

  • Collaborate with educational institutions, academic centers, and community organizations to deliver racial justice-oriented curriculum to reduce healthcare disparities by confronting false beliefs about biological differences between people of different races.

  • Develop a network of providers who are committed to providing care to undocumented residents in the United States and publish tools that empower healthcare providers to effectively serve and advocate on behalf of their undocumented patients.

  • Highlight the unique healthcare needs of the 6.8 million people that comprise the correctional population in order to decrease the healthcare disparities that affect this vulnerable group. 


We believe in the power of healthcare professionals to address racial inequality. As healthcare students, nurses, advanced practice providers, and doctors we are called to serve our most vulnerable and to advocate for our patients as individuals and as members of society at large. We recognize that healthcare disparities are rooted in complex social and cultural histories that can be difficult to address in the clinic. Our vision is to equip a workforce with the tools to combat racial inequality in our healthcare system.